Happy National Pancake Day!


What I Wore:

Some days I take my outfit pictures and I think “Wow…my head really looks like a potato in this picture”. Today I felt that way and also am not crazy about the effect of the “red-eye reduce” button, but I stand by my color combination and will continue to like this outfit on the hanger if not as much the picture of me in the outfit. I hadn’t really thought much about combining navy and olive until I saw the adorable Wendy’s post this weekend. She is also the 25 ways to wear a scarf genius. I might be a huge fan of hers..I mean, she is just too adorable AND she has an awesome life story that you might not expect but that is 100% respectable!

Did you know that today is National Pancake Day? Well if you didn’t, I hope you read this before 10pm tonight! IHOP is serving a free short stack of pancakes to every customer and asking only for donations to be made to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. So, since I am cheap, I will be eating free pancakes for supper–and if I’m really feeling wild, I might even get a side of eggs and a coffee! Look out, world!

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